The Danger of Supplements

There’s No Shortcut To A Healthy You

A recent USA Today article discussed the dangers of supplements. This is nothing new. Years ago, there was a supplement that actually killed people before it was not only pulled from the market, but criminal proceedings took place. This is just the most recent example of the problem with supplements.

While this article addresses the dangers of supplements, it ignores the fundamental problem: America’s attitude toward fitness. We want to look good, but we don’t want to work for it. It’s a lot like the people who want a car they can’t afford, so they lease it to bring down the payments.

Well America’s attempt to “lease” good health by trying a pill or one of the thousands of products out there that offer a beautiful body with no work, has come at a price. We are the most obese nation on the planet!

We all would love a quick fix, be it a pill or a shake or some type of new fitness gadget, but let me be the one to tell you what you already know…THEY DON’T WORK!!!

There’s good news, though. Regular exercise and proper nutrition DOES WORK!

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Remember, results start when you do!

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