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Stop Making Excuses

A recent article in the March edition of IDEA Fitness Journal, “Overweight, Obesity, Triples in Armed Forces,” takes a look at the growing problem obesity is presenting within the American Armed Forces. As an Army “brat,” I’m not surprised to see the obesity rate tripling in the military.

I grew up exercising on army bases where my father was stationed, and to me it was like “Club Med.” All I had to do was show my ID card and I would get clothing, including shoes, and access to the field house. The field house had everything from basketball and racquetball to boxing and even archery. Yet it always amazed me that the facilities were so seldom used that I was never turned away because someone else was using them.

I’m not picking on the military. I see the same thing happening among civilians today. From the multi-use Silver Comet Trail near my training studio to the public trails I run on in various parks around the city, I rarely see others taking advantage of these mostly free resources (parking usually costs a few bucks). I hear a lot of excuses in my line of work, but don’t try to tell me the expense or the lack of facilities is keeping you from being active.

The solution is simple and has never failed me in over 25 years in the fitness industry: exercise regularly and improve your eating habits!

Just like the military facilities I enjoyed as a boy were free and the parks I visit today are free, I want to help you improve your life with the free health and fitness information and the free exercise videos I provide on my site. Getting people to take charge of their health by exercising and eating better has always been at the core of my message and I feel fortunate to be able to use my website to spread that message to a global audience. But if you happen to be local (in the Smyrna, GA area), please don’t hesitate to stop by my studio, Fit Family, and get a jumpstart in person.

I pray you stop with the excuses and START exercising and eating better. Only then will you be able to enjoy the many benefits good health can offer you.

photo credit: The U.S. Army via photopin cc

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