Don’t Have The Time To Exercise?

Think you don’t have the time to exercise? Small amounts of exercise will do the trick!

Shown in the Idea Fitness Magazine, short amounts of exercise are associated with a longer life. Are you running low on time? Do you not have a solid hour throughout your day? When it comes to fitness, your body will take what it can get.

On your days outside Fit Family, look for 15 minute windows in your schedule where you can fit in a nice, brisk walk, some ab exercises, or some bodyweight exercises at your desk, or at work. A study was done, in Taiwan, observing individuals over a period of 12 years. The study author reported that, “Compared with individuals in the inactive group, those in the low-volume group, who exercised about 15 minutes per day, had a 14% reduced risk of all-cause mortality and had a 3-year longer life expetancy”. That was found from just 15 minutes per day… imagine what the difference would be if you could fit four 15 minutes sessions in per day!

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