CNN Comes to Shoot at Fit Family…Again!!!

Two Fit Family training clients will be featured on CNN in June 2013, during men’s health month. Both Anu Jain and Tom Brown were awesome interview subjects.

Anu talked about how having a trainer helped him fit regular workouts into his busy “corporate America” lifestyle, which includes lots of travel. Combine Anu’s travel schedule with a newborn at home, and you have one hard schedule to work with. Fit Family has not only helped him train, but has helped him reach many of his fitness goals!

Tom Brown, not to be out done, has shown that 73 is his age and only a number, as he trains twice a week. Tom enjoys frequent travel, and also plays golf on a regular basis. Tom talked in his interview about how all activities, even working in the yard, are made easier with personal training.

No matter what your health and fitness goals are, Anu and Tom are great examples of how Truly Private Training can help!

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  1. Ragan Faler

    Robert, you are a true inspiration and such a motivator. Your positive attitude is addicting. Thanks for continuing to lead and live by example. -R. L. Faler DMD

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